Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The coming Cataclysm

During the French Reign of Terror, France seemed to be in the grip of death that exceeded the control of any of the major actors in that sordid bit of history. Even those who had created the menance seemed unable to control it and could only hold on for the ride. One man, Georges Jaques Danton, one of the principle architects of the Revolution, was killed by it as he tried to undo what he had done.

I feel the same about abortion and how it seems to have a grip of death on Western society and even more so in America. The pro-abortion forces pose a unified front of very loud activists with wealthy benefactors. The pro-life movement seems lost, disorganized, conflicted. We argue as much about how to combat the culture of death as much as criticizing it.

With this backdrop we see the upcoming presidental election and it appears that the pro-life movement is as lukewarm as before. An Obama presidency, it is argued, would be disasterous (and it would be if he follows through on the Freedom of Choice Act). McCain's pro-life stance on abortion is commendable (if not lukewarm) but his stance on embryonic stem cell research is uncertain, rasing a big red flag which cause those who would vote for him to second guess the prospect.

It should be remembered that as Christians we should not lose hope. The Lord will not allow his little ones to suffer and die without consequences. He watches over them. Those of us who feel powerless must remember that He is in control, and that He only allows such things to occur to give us a chance to repent. We must be ready to accept God's judgement on America, whatever form it may take. But we must also remember that any chastisement that comes from Him is for our benefit. Do not lose hope. He will carry the day.

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