Thursday, July 22, 2010

No time to blog

So here is a roundup of what I've been reading lately:

Here is an article about what the Church owes to converts.

An excellent article on why it is simply slander to call the Tea Party movement racist.

Another on why using the news to legislate is a bad idea.

What I found interesting was how American culture hinders our intelligence gathering.

If history were more like sitcoms, it'd be more believeable. H/T Jimmy Akin

A lengthy essay on our ruling class. (H/T Mark Shea)

A more or less even take on the Shiley Sherod affair. My only addendum is that Fox News reported the story after she was sacked.

And for anyone paying attention this wasn't news, but Palin was the target of a coordinated attack by leading journalists. More fallout from the JournoList fisasco.

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