Friday, December 2, 2011

A day in the life 2

So I recently got my DEXA exam as part of the University of Texas Get FIT program.  Overall the results were positive.  I lost about 10 lb. of fat, or 4% and put on about 4lb of muscle.  I'm assuming that muscle is hidden because I certainly do not see it.  In any event the instructors seemed more excited than I was.  This is not to say that  I wasn't happy.  Overall I felt I made progress and was quite content.

My wife has been working longer hours at the lab.  This is annoying as eating dinner occurs around 8:30/9:00PM.  This is a little stressful but not too horrible. 

The biggest time consumer is the new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword game.  I love it to death but since we get home so late I find that I intend to play for only about a hour and before I know it the time is 2 a.m.  This self inflicted sleep deprivation has got to end.  Just one more dungeon......

Where was I? 

I am in week 6 of writing my short novella.  There are times when my word count is easily met.  Other times it is a trial of unimaginable suffering.  But all in all it is remarkably rewarding.  Here are some of the highlights of Bill Dodd's How to Write Your novel in Nine Weeks:
  • I'm actually writing a novel.  Soon it will be real as opposed to all those other stories that are in my head.
  • It creates a habit of writing. 
  • I've overcome the idea that my novel MUST be perfect or it is not worth writing.
Here are a few downsides though:
  • The word count is really low and thus constricting.
  • It is hard to keep doing it everyday (six days, we get a break)
  • Sometimes the word count is really high.
Overall the word count is fairly low which is a mixed blessing.  On the one hand, it can feel suffocating as it seems I cannot fit everything I wanted.  On the other hand, it limits me to the high points and doesn't allow me to include everything I wanted.


Chris (Longmont, CO) said...

I am one who loves to play the Zelda games as well. I have been thinking for some time about how the story lines for these games either don't discuss anything in a metaphysical way ... or ... they are very pagan (made up or real).

I wonder how hard it would be to come up with a decent story line and design a Catholic one (yeah there are a few Christian ones out there, but I haven't found one that is any good).

CatholicGuy said...

Thanks for stopping by! As far as metaphysics in video games I think you are right but its because most game designers are:

1. Not consciously imbedding their own (also unconscious) ideas into their games.

2. Used to the idea that fantsasy = pagan.

As for 1 except in some cases (see Assassin's Creed) most of the time the morality is either taken for granted or simply not developed. This is esp true for games that present morality choices that by the choices themselves show a lack of consistent moral thought.