Thursday, February 2, 2012


post is up.  In which I write about why the Magisterium makes sense to me.


Sister Lori said...

I just read your piece on why the Magisterium makes sense. Great article! I have been going thru that myself. As a revert back to the Catholic faith, trying to find a bible version that works for me because the language does matter. The contemporary versions have changed just enough to make it impossible for me to read.

For example, I discovered over the Christmas season, they refer to Mary as God being "gracious" to her--NOT filled with Grace! Big difference when you consider we place Catholic dogma on that very thing....full of Grace for a reason!

After several versions....I am quite happy with my new Duoay-Rheims thus far! Seems to make sense to me now! Translations do matter because meanings can be altered by changing one English!

CatholicGuy said...

Thanks for stopping by Sr. Lori! That's a really drastic difference in the text.