Monday, March 5, 2012

Truth in Charity

Charity in truth.  Truth in charity.  Oftentimes we sacrifice one for the other.  If we shy away from the truth, we do not have Charity.  If we do not speak the truth with Charity, we do the Truth a disservice.

In the fight for religious freedom against the HHS mandate and beyond.  we must always strive for both.  As Catholics we have the responsibility to speak up for the truth.  This is not so much for the sake of Truth.  Truth ultimately will stand on its own.  But for us to ignore our duty to the Truth is to coarsen our own conscience.

Obama is a tyrant.  I do not use these words lightly.  By attempting to coerce the Church to participate in evil he is usurping an authority that does not belong to him.  This is tyranny at the very core of its definition.

This does not mean that he does not have legitimate authority.  He is the President of the United States.  And while as Americans we hold to the electoral process we as Catholics know that all authority is ultimately derived from God.  Obama has legitimate authority.  And because of this we as Catholics are obliged to obey him with regard to his legitimate authority.

The HHS mandate oversteps that authority by proclaiming that we must participate in grave evil.  Obama is attempting to use his legitimate authority to usurp an authority that does not belong to him.  As such it pertains to this, not only are we free to not obey but we MUST resist.  To not do so is to lie to ourselves and the world.

Charity demands we speak the truth.  If we do not speak the truth then we do not love.  We love our country.  It is our home.  It is where our families live.  It has since its inception the heart of liberty and freedom enshrined in the document of the Constitution.  It is not perfect by any means.  And as a country we have at times failed to live up to our ideals.

It is ultimately out of charity that we MUST speak out.  It is precisely that we love our home that we speak truth to power.  It is because of love that we have an obligation to the Truth.  Our country, like ourselves, cannot live on lies.

The Church will survive the persecution of the Obama administration.  She has outlived and taken down previous and more powerful empires.  She has done this with the most powerful of weapons.  Prayer and the witness of her saints.  As Catholics we are surrounded by the witness of the martyrs.

But America will not.  American cannot afford to be on the side of evil.  She is but a human institution, and with human ideals.  But those ideals, as great as they are, do not by definition guarantee continuity into the future.  We must bear witness to the truth if there is any chance to save her.

And never lose hope.  It is never too late.

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