Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lent Scorecard and Analysis

So with Lent in the rear view and the Octave of Easter in full swing I'm going to divulge the results of my Lenten promises and how well I kept them.  And apologies for what is an obvious filler post as I get back on track.

Overall the results are.....mixed.

Promise 1:  Curbing video game times to 1 hr per day.
Result 1: In my personal history of Lenten promises I have never failed so completely in a promise as this failure.  I think I've logged more time playing during Lent than before I made the promise. It is abundantly clear that video games have control over me and I must do something about this.  Right after finishing Mass Effect 3.

Grade: F-

Promise 2: Banning all video game purchases for the duration of Lent.
Result 2: I kept this one almost entirely.  I did purchase some downloadable content during the time, but it was for a video game that I already own and thought I had already.  And at $8 it was paltry compared to what I usually spend.

Grade: A-

Promise 3: Facebook withdraw
Result 3: This one was kept except for occasional checks of my notification lists.  I use Facebook to link to this blog so occasionally I would see a traffic spike and wanted to find out if I had been linked.  A lame excuse sure, but there it is.  Otherwise no games, no Wall posts (manual, auto posts of this blog are done via NetworkedBlogs).

Grade: B

So overall I think this worked out.  Though next Lent I'm pondering going cold turkey on the video games.  I find that if I don't do it at all I'm better off than try to keep to a set time.  But Lord I have no idea if I have the strength.  We shall see next Lent.

Happy Easter Wednesday to all!


Theodosius said...

"Right after finishing Mass Effect 3"

Don't get too excited about it, I heard the ending of the game destroyed the whole series (or at least put a huge damper on it).

As for me, I think I'll pass. The first one was fun, but the second one turned me off, it was more shooter than RPG, and that alien chick with the foul mouth just kept ticking me off. She was like a Morrigan x2.

As for my lenten grades I did quite well, A+ I'd say...but that may be because my only real lenten sacrifice was red meat...
Hey I'm a new Catholic, go easy on me! :)

CatholicGuy said...

I've heard that the ending was such a letdown to the point where some boycotts and the usual are now formed. Although I thought this was due to a shoehorn ending. I've been avoiding details.

I'll post my thoughts if moved to do so.

The alien chick has little to do in this game (it's Aria, right?) She has a cameo as well as handing out a mission or two. But you only have to talk to her once.

Yeah I was a bit disappointed about the shooter move, but overall the story is still epic.

Theodosius said...

"Although I thought this was due to a shoehorn ending."

Well yes it's due to the ending, but not because it was lackluster. Since your avoiding details I won't spoil it for you, but I'll say this, hardcore fans of the series were upset because they felt BETRAYED by the ending of the series, not because it was lacking...

Also: I'm a new comer to your blog, and I see you have done posts on video games before, so let me ask you, what's your favorite type of game? RPG? Action? Adventure? As for myself I'd say RPG...and in regards to that AND to our discussion of a bioware game, did you ever try the Dragon age series?

CatholicGuy said...

"but I'll say this, hardcore fans of the series were upset because they felt BETRAYED by the ending of the series, not because it was lacking"

Interesting. Well I'll find out soon enough. I peeked at a FAQ and saw I'm about 2/3 through. Though multiplayer is more entertaining that I'd originally thought.

My personal preference for game genre is RPG. I'm quite stoked that Xenoblade Chronicles came here and waiting for The Last Story. I have played Dragon Age 1 and 2. But I play just about anything (have all consoles, and most handhelds).

How bout you?

Theodosius said...

"How bout you?"
RPGs are king in my mind, though that spot was once held by Strategy games. I like all different kinds of games, but like I said my favorite is the RPG. Strategy, action/adventure, shooters, sims, I play 'em all. Well, except sports games, ugh!

"have all consoles, and most handhelds)."
I don't have everything, but I do have a high end PC, Ps3, Xbox360, and the psp. And then there is still old faithful...Ps2! :)

2 questions:
1) You played DA 1 and 2...did you like them?
2) Do you play any MMORPGs?

CatholicGuy said...

"You played DA 1 and 2...did you like them?"

Yes though they are different enough that I'm surprised that they are in the same series. I understand how 2 may have disappointed some but I didn't mind the dumbed down combat. I played it on the PS3, and found 1's interface cumbersome somewhat.

"Do you play any MMORPGs?"

No. I'm typically an anti-social gamer. Video game time is "me" time. :-) I only played multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 for the Single Player "Galaxy at War" feature. Otherwise gaming is a solo experience for me. Mostly because I don't know anyone and hate hanging out in lobbies for multiple folks to show up.

I need a new laptop for the PC games. Not much of a PC gamer but there are a few that I would jump into (Starcraft 2).