Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Random Thoughts II

So I can't seem to concentrate long enough to post about one topic in a coherent and sufficiently intelligent fashion.  And while the reader may be thinking "When has he ever?" I will ignore your witty dig and shower you with randomness that is flitting through my mind.  So here goes:

While it would have been nice if the Supreme Court struck down the laughably named "Affordable Care Act" aka Obamacare, as a Catholic the issue is not the individual mandate but the HHS mandate.  Striking down the bill itself would have essentially made the lawsuits against the HHS mandate automatic winners.  Still as a conservative politically I find that Judge Roberts reasoning interesting and at the same time baffling.  It will be interesting to see how this ruling affects the lawsuits and future attempts to expand the Commerce Clause to cover just about regulation.

There is reason to hope that the HHS mandate lawsuits will still fly as the recent 9-0 smackdown the administration received for the Hosanna Tabor case.  Yet the fact that the ACA was ruled constitutional is quite troubling on that front.


My friend Brandon Kraft talks about summer and change.  Personally, I am such a creature of routine that any small deviation fries my obsessive/compulsive brain.  I'm kinda like this only worse:

I hope to handle change as well as Sheldon in the future.


My friend Derek Najera writes about El Paso with the love that we should all have for our home.  I wish I could write like him, but alas I am a compulsive complainer.  Something else I would work except I hate change.  

Speaking of complaining, a human toothache complains that someone's restaurant is offering discounts for church bulletins.  Managing to demonstrate ignorance of both "tolerance" and "discrimination."  

Finally Ms. Fulwiler talks about her conversation with her gay friend.  I think she does a marvelous job of keeping truth and charity in balance against someone who is somewhat hostile.

So that is it for now.  Hopefully Friday my brain will cooperate and we will see something more focused Friday.

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