Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The search for truth in the modern age

I spend a lot of time dumping on modern thought, mostly because of the poisonous effects it has on minds and thinking.  But also because it throws up huge irrational roadblocks to the truth of Christ that every man deserves to hear without the illogical and hateful attitude that inspires most of the ills that effect our thinking.

It was C. F. J. Martin who (as a paraphrase) said that the philosophers of the past issue a challenge to us today.  A challenge to prove that moderns have correct ideas and that the ancients are wrong.  Moderns fail at the challenge on a daily basis, mostly because they assume that since we came after them temporally we are somehow smarter.  Yet in reading both I have yet to see any evidence of that axiom.

The world tries to convince us that the Truth is dead.  Timeless truth however is just that, timeless.  And we owe it to ourselves to give it that opportunity to transform our lives.  To do otherwise is to twist our minds against their natural purpose.

There is always hope on the horizon.  Like a light that shines through the dense fog Pope Benedict, arguably the greatest moral philosopher alive at the moment, talks about the reasons for his hope for the future of Europe.  In particular:
A third reason, an empirical reason, is evident in the fact that this sense of restlessness today exists among the young. Young people have seen much - the proposals of the various ideologies and of consumerism - and they have become aware of the emptiness and insufficiency of those things. Man was created for the infinite, the finite is too little. Thus, among the new generations we are seeing the reawakening of this restlessness, and they too begin their journey making new discoveries of the beauty of Christianity; not a cut-price or watered-down version, but Christianity in all its radicalism and profundity. Thus I believe that anthropology, as such, is showing us that there will always be a new reawakening of Christianity. The facts confirm this in a single phrase: Deep foundations. That is Christianity; it is true and the truth always has a future.
I have seen this first hand in RICA classes where I have been either a sponsor or a catechist (God help them).  Even after dismissal from the Sunday night Mass, where energy is at its lowest, we can find deep passion for the truth among the youth who yearn for more than what the world offers.

We humans yearn for a deeper truth.  We crave it.  We seek it in everything we set out to do.  This is why moral relativism and the denial of objective truth will never win the day.  Humans aren't built that way.  We know in the deep recesses of our hearts that there is more than what the modern world proclaims.  We know deep in our minds that there is a Way, Truth, and we hope for a Life beyond what we are told is all there is.

The Church proclaims that Truth.  We as members of the Body of Christ are God's witnesses to the deep truth that mankind yearns for.  The world needs His message now more than ever.  It craves it now more than ever.  We have a great deal to overcome.  But like Sunday's reading says:  With God, all things are possible.

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