Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A few thoughts on the last election

Now that people have beaten to death the results of the election and my allergies are starting to clear up I've decided to offer a few thoughts about the last political fracas.

First and foremost, while the electoral college paints a bleak picture (suddenly it is the friend of liberals everywhere and not the bogyman of 2000) the polls reveal a divided nation right down the middle for the most part.  Also worth mentioning that the Republicans offered quite possibly the only candidate that could lose to Obama and decided that he was their guy.  A most impressive display of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

That's all for inside politics.  The fallout however for Catholics faithful to the Church is more positive.  While the election itself is a disappointment for those of us who cherish liberty and religious freedom it has begun a great deal of soul searching amongst us.  Several things we learned this November, and a lot of people are taking the lessons to heart.

First and foremost the landscape of ideas are against us.  This has been true for some time but there was always this notion that if things were bad enough the fictitious "Moral Majority" would rise from slumber and oust the current rabble of politicians.  This election has demonstrated that such a majority does not exist, and it is wishful thinking to suggest that people who don't vote are going to suddenly participate in a system that they feel is broke.

The second is that we need to have a serious conversation with ourselves about how best to explain why freedom and especially religious freedom is so important.  The tide is against us as people simply don't seem to care that religious liberty in this country is under attack.  The "War on Women" propped up by the Left, ridiculous as the view was, worked. People either fell for it or simply didn't care.  Neither explanation holds hope for the future of our country.  

Finally one thing is for certain.  Evil is now out in force.  The world has decided it is time to put the screws to the followers of Christ.

It happens in every age.  Evil, when it is weak, seeks accommodation   Then when it is powerful, it seeks submission to itself.  It is a refreshing honesty, to be told that the State will not abide any other contenders for the title of King.  The naked use of force that the government is using to break the will of the Faithful is now a matter of routine.  Obviously it is not at the level of killing us for sport, but the march to marginalize, exclude, and shame believers into second-class citizens is in full swing.

Things will likely get worse from here on out.  The continuing trend of secularists to ignore and deny any attempt at accommodation is increasing.  The notion of conscience rights and the dignity of the believer is rapidly disappearing.  We are already being told that outside the home or Church we are not allowed to practice our Faith, either in business or politics.  And this line of thought is not open to cross-examination.

But the question is not if the Church will survive, but the State.  Should the State continue this self-destructive course it will only shatter to pieces against the Rock the Church is built on.  And then the Church will be there to pick them up.  The only real question is how much suffering will the Faithful have to undergo before the State collapses under its own dead weight.

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