Monday, March 18, 2013

Where have you been?

So you have probably noticed that I have not posted for some time here on this blog.  I do apologize especially to those on my Twitter feed who have since stopped following me.  Sadness.  But a number of things have kept me away, and I wanted to let you in now that I have some time.

First, my Lenten promise to give up video games has sort of back fired on me.  Initially my hope was to cut out the time spent on video games to pursue other projects.  Like this blog for example.  Instead I've found myself sapped of energy save for making Youtube videos of game playthroughs with my siblings.  This requires very little work most days.  Other than that I'm beat physically and emotionally.

Second, this is the busy time at work.  My weeks are really unpredictable these days and I can't plan out my day like I used to because every day brings a surprise.  I'm also spearheading a project at work that is taking a lot of time.  This has left me with little energy and less focus (and for me that is saying something).

Finally, a number of personal items is taking my attention at home.  I can't get into these but suffice to say I've been distracted by a variety of things that need attending to.  So what might have been left for blogging after a hectic work day has been replaced with video editing which requires minimal input.

Sorry for the pity party.  But I did want to let the few readers know that I haven't forgotten this blog.  It's just that several things are in play and my attention has been elsewhere.

Having said that I do have some new ideas that I would like to incorporate into this blog.  But I will save that for another post.

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