Monday, January 12, 2009

Why become a Man (part 2)

The original defintion of marriage before the turn of the 20th went something like this roughly:

Marriage is a divine calling by God to a man and a woman to permanently unite as one to give life and care for children and to grow more into love with children and each other.

Now astoundingly enough, modern society has managed to strip away just about everything from this definition. First we got rid of the permanent part (divorce). Then we got rid of the children part (contraception). Then we got rid of the God part (atheism/agnosticism). Now we are on the verge of getting rid of the man/woman union (homosexual "marriage, a contradiction in terms).

Finally when we introduce sex outside of marriage, we get the following:

Marriage is a "contract" between two consenting adults together and share property. The state recognizes them as an entity an treats them as such.

With this new definition there appears to be very little reason to get married. Why take on unnecessary responsibility (if any exists left) and go through the trouble? A Single Young Male can have all the fun without any of the responsibility. Why leave the state of adolescence?

We will examine this in the next post...

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