Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why become a Man?

A while ago I saw an article (vulgarity warning) posted by a Kay S. Hymowitz about the limbo that single men (if they can be called "men") exist in today's society. All in all I think that her analysis of men at this stage in life (speaking as a Single Young Male, or SYM hereafter) is fairly accurate. SYMs are in a perpetual adolescence. Addicted to Maxim, video games, and reality shows, we/they seem ambivalent to responsibility and to be quite frank, growing up. Surely the ideal of "Man" seems to have disappeared altogether.

However my endorsement of her analysis falls short when she begins to examine the cause of this. And apparently I'm not alone. My question, and that of others (again vulgarity warning) that apparently have written her ask, why should we?

My question is not motivated by spite or sour grapes, but really a question about what is a "Man" and where do they fit into society today? Feminism essentially told gentlemen to take a hike because such behaviour degraded women (like opening a door is supposed to reflect physical weakness of women), so men reverted to more "baser" instincts. Men were told that they are sex crazed idiots by feminists, media, schools, etc. So men decided that if that is the way society expects them to act, why not follow suit?

There is nothing worse than a deadbeat Dad, but up until the minute the child is born the man has no say if the child in the womb lives or dies. Anything that a man can do a woman can do...better. Even in the Christian Churches the Church militant is replaced with softer, less offending "witness." Today men seem to be nothing more than an extra source of income. With the state of marriage as it is (50% ending in divorce), the possibility of responsibility without rights (see the child in the womb sentence), and yielding of "freedom" (to be the SYM he was), men really don't have any incentive today to "tie-the-knot."

So to modern society I ask, why?

Follow up to be posted tomorrow...

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