Sunday, August 14, 2011

History X

In our final post on history we ask ourselves a final question. If it is the case that a human being can be wrong about objective truth and therefore we cannot be sure of our perception of truth, then it must also be true that a society can err on the subject as well.

This is true to some extent. In every society, like in every person, we find both good and bad. We find things to admire about a culture and things to abhor.

The problem of this though is that like a person a society is not the source of truth. A thing is true regardless of our perception. And as such it is not the case that truth is determined by our perception, but our quality is perceived by how well we conform to the truth.

Thus truth stands beyond us. It exists outside our perception and independent of us. We are not the that which determines truth. In fact truth determines us in some sense.

In order to see this truth we must look beyond ourselves. We must focus our attention beyond ourselves and look above us to see. We must look beyond even our homes and those around us.

We must look at that which transcends people and societies. That which has seen empires rise and fall. That which throughout time has pointed to something above and beyond ourselves. That which points to the truth that lies beyond our senses. Something in this world but not of it.

That is why mankind needs the Church.

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