Thursday, August 11, 2011

In defense of the baby boomers

It is a common theme among those who considers themselves orthodox Catholics that the baby boomer generation, those who were born post World War II are responsible for the collapse of society. I do not believe this is a fair assessment.

The world had quite a few problems before the post WWII generation. Specifically there was...well, World War II. The world had know death on a scale never before encountered I human history before the first baby boomer took their first breath.

Before then was the Great Depression, World War I, the suffering of unchecked capitalism and the subsequent horror of Communism. And let us not forget the seeds of the sexual revolution were planted by Alfred Kinsey and his ilk. Margaret Sanger was not of that generation either.

The point is that it was not the case that the moral order was not one day overturned without any warning. The moral order had been chipped at for some time by previous generations. If anything one could say that the baby boomer generation was too stupid to understand why the ideas were so bad. But then again one could just as easily blame their parents for that.

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