Friday, January 13, 2012

A day in the life

So New Year's has come and gone.  One nice thing is we have a friend visiting from France (where she is doing her post-doctorate) to attend a conference where we live.  She has stayed with us for a few days and it was quite nice to catch up.

My novel is at a stand still for the past few weeks as we try to get back into the daily rhythm post holidays.  It's not that I have not had time.  It is that like all things if something breaks the nice daily routine we have it is very difficult to get back into those productive habits.  But I am almost done so I hope to finish it within the next few weeks (the rough draft anyway, post production may take a few more).

The other main contributor to my lack of productivity?  Skyrim.  Ah, Skyrim.  Is there any citizen in your fair yet snowy lands that doesn't need my help?  Seriously, it seems like everyone is a helpless whelp who are far too trusting of random strangers looking for work.  What's that you say?  You have a stolen ring and you want me to break into the owner's house to put it back?  You don't think that I just might turn you in, given that we just met?  No?

I prefer a more directed role-playing/adventure experience.  The degree of freedom is quite interesting, but I like my video game actions to have some stronger context (not to mention impetus).  So the reasons why I should do anything in this universe I find a bit weak, and find myself not as motivated as I normally do in other RPG/Adv games.

Anyway, one final note is that the wife and I will be flying to New Orleans to meet up with a mutual friend before she heads back to Taiwan.  Given that this was quite sudden those productive habits I mentioned earlier will most likely suffer further set back.  At least we are back exercising.  But it should be fun nonetheless.

Have a great weekend!

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