Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Orleans trip a success

So I mentioned in my last post that my wife and I flew to New Orleans last weekend.  Being a long weekend thanks to MLK day (and my first paid holiday) we had ample time to take in the local flavor.  The motivation for the trip was that one of our mutual friends had graduated with a Phd and was flying back to Taiwan after her tour of the U.S.  So we decided to meet with her in New Orleans for one last play date.

We arrived on an early flight at about 9:30am and promptly went to the zoo.  We did this for two reasons.
1. If there is a zoo and/or aquarium, my wife will visit it.
2. We were killing time until we could check into the hotel.
The zoo was a lot of fun and we were there for a few hours.  Next we went to the aquarium (see reason 1).  The aquarium itself was fine but we were so tired at this point that we couldn't enjoy it as much as we wanted to.  So off we went to dinner.

We went to a local Po-Boy's shop in which the food was very good.  Unfortunately the locals were a bit too local (one of the folks there didn't seem to understand how an Asian person would up at their local shop).  Fortunately the Saints-49ers game was playing to distract them.  After dinner we picked up a few things and went to the hotel.

We checked in and the hotel was perfect.  The view was less than impressive but the room itself was nice and large with the perfect trifecta of microwave, fridge, and coffee maker.  We were too tired at this point to use any of them.  We turned on the game (my wife is a Saints fan) and watched the second half.

Sunday we left and took the streetcar down to the French Quarter.  We went to Mass at the St. Louie Cathedral and had brunch at the famous Cafe Du Monde.  It must be nice to only have to serve beignets and coffee.  But they can pull it off because the beignets are fantastic.

Finally we rendezvous with our friend and head to an oyster bar (sadly I cannot remember the name). Afterwards the girls went shopping and I carried bags.  But my servitude was rewarded later when we went for dinner (you will notice that most of my observations revolve around food, this is how I enjoy vacations).

Finally we went out to the local Jazz scene.  We only found one bar playing since it was before 9, but that was sufficient for our friend, so we parted ways at her hotel and we went back to ours.

All in all it was a fun trip and hopefully this didn't bore you too much.  We will resume our regularly scheduled programming on Friday.

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ScholarChanter said...

Yeah... no traveling for us for a while - 1 more month until the baby, and you tweet now? When did this happen? Meanwhile, there was frost on my car this morning - how I miss my Chicago-style ice scraper that I have no ideas where it is anymore.

CatholicGuy said...

Congrats on the soon-to-be addition!

I only tweet to promote the blog, otherwise I sign in once about two weeks just to see what is going on.