Monday, July 6, 2009

Douglas Kemic picked as Ambassador

Douglas Kmiec, the "controversial" pro life supporter of Barack Obama has recently been appointed to the position of Ambassador to Malta.

I have attempted to defend his position in the spirit of charity as required by my Faith. His position has always seemed to me to be one of resignation to the current pro-death culture with regard to abortion, and as such to meet it on its terms in order to slow down the decay. His advocacy for working with the current administration to "reduce abortions" IMO is one of defeat, yet I tried to take his statements at face value.

His recent appointment however throws that whole analysis into turmoil. Now it appears that he may have simply sold us Obama in order to get a cushy Ambassadorship. (No idea if Malta fits this category). I hope for the sake of his soul this is not the case.

My initial thought is that he should reject the post. But given that the announcement has been made it is all but done.

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