Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sotomayor Saga

The nomiation and installment of Sotomayor appears to be all but certain. Her confirmation hearings have pretty much followed normal, and aside from her having a complete meltdown it looks like she will become a Supreme Court justice.

The net effect basically is that she is replacing a liberal and abortion supporter on the court. Therefore in the numbers game the pro-life movement hasn't lost any ground. She may be more supportive of abortion than her predecessor, but this doesn't matter much in the long run I believe.

This is not to say that this isn't a travesty. Abortion is such an abhorent crime that I have trouble believing that we even have to have a discussion about why it should be illegal. My only point is that those who fight for the lives of the unborn seem to have resigned themselves and are saving for the next fight, which I think is wise.

A minor point. I have often heard Obama and Sotomayor referred to as "baby-killers." I think this is a mistake. Neither of them have actually forced the death of unborn children. They simply fight to allow mothers to slaughter their children. They are not the ones killing children. It is the average American citizen who is doing the killing. Call a spade a spade, but make sure the label applies.

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