Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Writing as a chore

What I find most difficult about writing is that my mind seems to stray when I finally have time to write. I spend all day trying to force myself to find time to write down what I've thought about during the day. But then when I actually succeed in finding time I have nothing to say.

I have found in my writing project that it has been very difficult to put together the first story since there are a variety of goals that have to be accomplished.

1. Describing the world
2. Introducing the characters
3. Reveal a main plot for the first story
4. Foreshadowing the events to come

The biggest challenge in these goals is not accomplishing them (although each goal has unique challenges) but making sure that one goal does not take away from the others. The proper balance is necessary.

I have no idea if my story is worth writing. But it has been stuck in my head for years now. I hope to have the work done sometime before I die. :-).

I try to write for the greater glory of God. I hope and pray that my writing does some good. I have no idea if it is worth anything. But when something sits in your head for years on end, it is a good idea to at least try to get it on paper.

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