Friday, May 11, 2012

Here we go again

So the latest flareup in the blogsphere came after North Carolina voted to keep marriage sane, and the subsequent political calculation of Obama to join the losing side by coming out in support of legalizing fiction.

Mark Shea notes that this is to no one's surprise, as anyone who pays attentions know that Obama is foursquare on the left side of social issues.  Mark also notes the irony of the critics, who do their part to destroy marriage in their own corner of the world.  Stacy remarks of her developing thoughts on gay marriage going the other way.

As much as I find myself having to write about the subject I feel the same as I've stated before, you can't ban a non-existent being.  Legalizing same-sex marriage is like putting unicorns on the endangered species list.  Just because it shows up in a law book doesn't make it real.

What is most intriguing to me is despite the constant onslaught of the media, when put to a popular vote, same-sex fantasy gets the beat down.  The only places it has been made legal have been due to heavy handed exercises of raw political power.  Whatever the polls say, the votes tell a much different story.

This to me is due to the fact that the pro-gay-fantasy camp has been too successful in demonizing the sane marriage definition.  By going this route, they have effectively made sure that those who hold such views concerned about losing employment, public humiliation, etc.

But this strategy has had two drawbacks.  The first is that it reveals that the intellectual argument for same-sex fantasy is vapid and shallow.  Having to resort to such cheap rhetorical tactics, it creates an illusion of public perception on the issue that doesn't meet the reality on the ground.  This is evidenced by the continuous thumping that the gay marriage advocates receive when the question is put to a popular vote.

Second, it creates an atmosphere of terror that suffocates any rational conversation.  When one side demonizes the other, it is almost impossible to gain any ground on an issue.  And because everyone is too afraid to voice their opinion, the polls say one thing but the votes, under cover of anonymity, paint a very different picture.

But this is not to say that gay marriage isn't in the future.  What it is to say is that our Ruling Class will force it on us rather than put it to the people.  This was how it was accomplished in New York for example.  My point is that it will not happen due to rational debate.  Gay marriage will come at the point of a gun.

Sancta Maria, Ora pro nobis

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