Wednesday, May 23, 2012

IGNITUM Wednesday

once again.  Check this space tomorrow for my article.

The Management


Theodosius said...

Sorry this has nothing, I repeat nothing to do with the post.
BUT I'm a gamer, your a gamer, so I have two questions for you:
1)Did you/are you going to buy Diabo 3?
I bought it myself, but it was unplayable the first few nights, so I have decided to hold off a bit before I play it.
2)What about Dragon's Dogma? I think your more of a console gamer, correct? If so then your in luck, it's PS3/Xbox360. The game itself is a bit of a first, an open world RPG from Japan (most are western). And it is SWEET! The combat is especially fun, right out of an action game (the game was made buy the guy behind Resident Evil 4, and Devil May Cry 4 so...). I think there is a demo out, but I heard it's a bit buggy and unpolished, so don't let it give you a bad opinion of the game!

Sorry I'm a bit hyped on DD right now, taking on giant monster bosses can do that :D

CatholicGuy said...

I JUST bought myself a new laptop an am committed to playing Starcraft II. But I won't rule out Diablo III yet.

As for Dragon's Dogma, its on the list. :-)

I'm currently going through:

Starcraft II
Xenoblade Chronicles
Heavy Rain (Gamefly account)

So it may be a bit before I come around to Diablo. But most likely it will find itself on my hard drive. :-) How is it?

Theodosius said...

Not ruling out Diablo 3? Good! I just started playing the game the other day, and it's pretty awesome! Very much in the vein of previous Diablo entries, so if you enjoyed them, do play this title. IF your into hack n' slash games in general, this is a very good entry. IF however you don't find clickfests know where I'm going with this. MAybe they'll put a demo out in the future.
As for the others, SC2 was great, the new expansion comes out this year, never played Xeno, and Heavy Rain was just way too heavy on the bleak for me.
As for DD, make sure to play it, very fun!!
OH! Forgot to ask, ever play Demon Souls or Dark Souls? Hard as anything, but very fun.

CatholicGuy said...

I've heard great thing about Demon Souls and Dark Souls. Had no time to play them though.

Theodosius said...

When you get a chance, do try them out (Demon and Dark Souls), they are worth it. And even though they have an online element to them, it is not required to play the game. For example, the developer for Demon Souls just extended the life of it's servers, but even if they did not, the only things you'd really be missing out on are player made hint's, and other players jumping in your game and murdering you. Actually playing offline does seem to have it's benefits... :D