Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some random thoughts

So no real premise to tie together any of my thoughts, so I will offer up some random thoughts.

First in the queue is the 43 or so lawsuits that have been filed to combat the HHS mandate.  That Notre Dame is suing should send up alarm bells in the Obama administration...but it won't.  I'm absolutely convinced that this administration is so clueless that much like the fact that the Healthcare Act is before the Supreme Court they had (and still have) no idea that this is creating a huge blowback.

This cluelessness is moderated somewhat by "the completely in the tank for Obama" press.  I figure that if Obama and his flunkies watch anything, it'd be these stations.

Next is this article (an oldie but a goodie) about the diversity of learning in a homeschooling environment.  as a product of homeschooling I can testify to some of what is written.  For me, the best thing homeschooling did for me was the ability to teach myself.  This included reading textbooks and self-teaching a variety of subjects (of varying success.  Math - Win.  Latin - Fail).

Also of note my friend JC Saunders writes about Scientistic Dogma.  Oh, and go read his blog.

Finally...the butler did it.  No seriously, the butler did it.  The investigation of leaked Vatican documents has led to the Pope's butler.  Headlines should be writing themselves here.

Anyway, that should keep you, I mean enlightened for Wednesday.  We will go back to our regular coherent* post Friday.

*Coherency is a general term meaning "all the words are sorta related to a single topic."  No guarantee of actual coherency is stated, implied or even thought about.  Especially during allergy season.

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