Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Randomness

Ok so I made the mistake of doing my workout before writing my next post on why we need Aquinas, so I will simply talk about random stuff this week while my body recovers and my brain....well, let's be optimistic.

First up to bat is the criticism of romance novels, aka porn for women.  While it is true that one isn't going to find romance novels in the "not to do" list in the Catechism (yet there is pornography on the list, right there folks, wasn't revoked by Vatican II) both porn and romance novels share a common vice.  Both facilitate a way for the consumer to engage in a fantasy world, ignoring real intimacy.

Next is a well written article by Kathryn Lopez pointing out why I will most likely vote for Romney (or R-money, I've seen it spelled both ways).  Obama's assault on religious freedom has basically forced me to consider what I thought was unthinkable before the HHS mandate.  Unless Romney comes out before the election saying "I hate Catholics and we should throw them all in jail", I'll vote for him.  Only because I'd rather have indifference toward us than antagonism.  Otherwise the two candidates are virtually identical.

In lighter news my wonderful wife bought for me the new Kingdom Hearts game.  Lame name, but looking forward to it.  Which is amazing because she hates video games.  But to me that just demonstrates that God has a sense of humor.  Anyway, I think she died a little inside but I was too distracted to follow up.

Speaking of games, I have long lobbied for my own media center in the future house we will buy someday.  My wife was against this, as she feared that the kids' father would not spend time with them.  My solution was simple,  bean bags in the media center, so we can all play as a family.  This solution I felt was perfect, but leaving out details, there was quite a bit of "resistance."  I'm hopeful as the Rock Band Beatles purchase of last year was a major victory for me, so in the spirit of the Olympics, I'm going for gold.  

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