Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Never fails

As you know I will be leaving for Korea on Thursday, so this will most likely be the last post before then.  Like my previous trip, something not horrible but saddening happened.  

On my last trip to Korea I got a flat tire the day before I had to leave.  This was not too horrible as our flight left the next day, but massively inconvenient.

This time the disaster involved something much closer to my heart.  I sat down last night to play some oldie games that I downloaded for my XBox 360.  As I browsed the menu the console crashed.  A little disturbed, but no biggie.  I pushed the power button only to find:


Sadly, my XBox for the moment is kaput.  Now I have been reading some online guides to try to fix it, but for right now I have no time to explore those options.  I will most likely buy a "new" XBox as a replacement or try to fix this one.

Sigh.  Anyway, off to Korea.  I ask for prayers for a safe trip and we will resume programming on the 19th.  I may squeeze in a post or two while on the other side of the world, but no promises.  

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