Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dominican Prayer Day 22

Bet you were wondering if I forgot this.  But fear not!  I have simply been lazy and have not started the Fourth Way until last night.

Long story short, the Fourth Way is LONG.  Especially when you do the exercises in the book.  The Way involves contemplating the Crucifixion of Christ while genuflecting in front of a crucifix or an icon.

The book walks us through the Way by, among other things, going through each station and reciting an Our Father/Hail Mary/Glory Be as well as a prayer before and after each station.  Quite substantial from the other Ways which can be breezed through if not careful.

The mechanics occupied much of my time so there wasn't a lot of time for reflection.  But what was interesting is that at some of the stations I was able to meditate on them.  Can't remember the last time I was able to do that.

Also an issue was the fact that I had a workout earlier in the day and was quite sore from it.  The genuflecting allowed me to participate in the suffering of Christ in a small way.  But don't tell my legs that.  They weren't happy with the extra lunges.

All in all a promising start.  Though it is time consuming.  I will have to be more disciplined in leaving enough time so I'm not looking at the clock or wondering how much sleep I'm losing.

The good news is that Ash Wednesday is coming around soon.  As video games are a massive time sink and will disappear (with one exception being the Terraria playthrough) I will have more time to....I have no idea.  I'm terrified.

We shall see.

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