Friday, February 8, 2013

Gaming addiction

is becoming more and more of a focus in the gaming community. I found this video about the subject through some live play subscriptions on Youtube (the host's mic is awful, but bear with that):

I know for my own issues with gaming it is an "escapism" from stress or whatever may be bugging me.  I have "control" issues and find gaming as an outlet.  It hasn't gotten so bad that my life begins to collapse but it is true that at times it has more control over me than I'd like to admit.

Which is why I will be giving up games for Lent except for the weekly co-op I do with the family.  I've taken up video recording of the sessions and playing around with video software.  It is immensely entertaining and I get to keep in touch with siblings while doing it.

Other than that it is cold turkey.  I'm quite frightened that suddenly the gaps that I have to fill will become immense.  But I've wanted to cut back and last year simply scaling back the time proved disastrous.

So we shall see.


Jimmy said...

Giving them up may be easier if you prepare to fill those gaps with something else. Writing, exercise, cooking, etc.

CatholicGuy said...

That's very true Jimmy. I have several projects that I've been neglecting. But I also know that this is fairly drastic for me (as sad as this sound).

CatholicGuy said...

And I realized this is in the wrong post. I don't have a problem. Well that I know of anyway. I'll be giving up gaming for Lent so this advice is apt anyway. :-)