Friday, January 18, 2013

Dominican Prayer Day 14

So we come to a close on the Second Way.  By far it was one of the more interesting experiences I've had with prayer.  Attempting to reconcile the reality of my sinfulness without lurching into scrupulosity has been challenging to some degree.

Perhaps the best thing however is the motions of the prayer types.  The bowing during the First Way.  The prostration on the floor for the Second Way.  I feel like this kind of prayer is more my speed.  I've always been a doer rather than a meditat---er (I don't know).

One good thing I didn't expect was to pick up writing fiction again.  I'm into the second novella and aside from missing two days I'm on a good pace.  Look forward to finishing the trilogy this year hopefully.

I'm also a little more disciplined.  But I have been falling away from it after the initial enthusiasm.

I peeked ahead last night to the Third Way.  One of the things they recommend is to fast on the day doing it. Since I forgot today and had quite a big meal, I will probably wait on starting the Third Way and related post until Monday.

So in the meantime have a great long weekend if you got it.    

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