Monday, January 28, 2013

Dominican Prayer Day 16 and 17

So I'm combining these two days because I experienced the same thing both days.  That and I'm lazy and did not post about Thursday night on Friday.

I've really struggled with the Third Way.  Or at least the books recommendation.  At first I thought it was simply because it wasn't tough enough like the mortification that St. Dominic did during the Way.

But now I realize that there really is something more to my struggles.  I've come to realize that the reason why that I've struggled with this wWay is because of the book’s recommend Way to do it.  Basically the book’s version is purely contemplation.

This is problematic for me.  The first two ways involve the body in a very real way.  The bowing in the First Way and the prostration in the Second Way get the body involved.  With those two ways I feel I am involved in mind, body and spirit.

Contemplation has always been difficult for me.  It is quite ironic that I am in charge of my social groups’ Rosary.  I'm terrible at meditation.  If I can concentrate for five seconds that is a major victory.

I'm going to have to find a way to deal with this.  I need to find some way to involve my body in this Way or else this will fall on my “optional” to-do list.  Where all tasks go to die.

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