Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dominican Prayer Day 7

Last night of the First Way.  Quite eager to see what tonight brings with the Second Way.  Yay!

Actually I'm a little too eager.  Had a lot of trouble focusing on the prayer last night and guilty of "looking ahead" to tonight's prayer.  I'm a little concerned that when the "newness" of the prayers recedes I will lose focus.

Having said that it is very clear to me that the First Way is little more than a prep for going into another Way.  It's emphasis on approaching the altar in humility is designed to put one in the proper state of mind.  It strips away our pride and calls us to contemplate our souls in relation to Christ.

I have seen a marked improvement on my prayer life as a whole.  Very small but noticeable.  After I perform the way I feel more focused, more relaxed, and I don't feel as rushed as I have before.

Part of this I think is that before this I did not really prepare myself for prayer like I should.  It was always a last minute thing right before bed or on the way to work.  If I tried to interact with my wife in the same manner I'd be kicked out of the house.

I know part of this new focus comes from my renewed attempt to revive my prayer life.  I've been pleased with sticking to it for a week even if a few of these days were a close call.    Obviously when I devote enough time to pray I don't feel like I'm rushing through it.  Not a stunning breakthrough I know but there it is.

And as you can see there isn't much else to say that I haven't already said.  The First Way is very short.  When I am in my most focused attempt it still doesn't take five minutes.  Clearly the First Way is a preparatory way.  And to keep typing would be to belabor that point.

As for me, I am encouraged that this is a good beginning.  I hope to continue with this and not lose focus.  Also the timing is good as Lent starts Feb. 13.  So I should be well into the book right around the time that my video game pledge kicks in.  Gotta have something to do right?

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