Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dominican Prayer Day 9

I sit down to write this before Saturday night’s prayer.  Technically this is after the Friday prayer and I'm writing about Friday night.  So it's all good.  Yup.  No “letter of the law against the spirit” going on here.

Anyway,  I'm learning that lying on the floor in the dust is a metaphor in many ways.  Remember how I said that I would run a vacuum on the floor before I prayed Friday’s prayer.  Well that didn't happen.  And it won't happen tonight either.

It is true that the sins we commit can be the result of some unresolved issues we have.  Sometimes it is a force of habit.  But then like the dust on the floor, sometimes we are just lazy.

Yes, I am lazy.  There are things I should do that I don't.  My prayer life is no exception.  Sometimes I try my best and fall short.  But sometimes I simply don't try, and these failures are harder to take.

Tomorrow is the Lord’s Day.  Hopefully I will find the motivation to work on disciplining the soul.  Or at the very least vacuum.

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