Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dominican Prayer Day 2

A brief illustration of the First Way:

  • Approach the altar in a spirit of humility (I use my dresser with a crucifix on it)
  • Meditate on Christ in the spirit of humility
  • Consider the state of your soul in comparison to Christ
There are some scripture verses associated with this.  Apparently this First Form was used in preparation for other forms.

It makes sense.  Even my small prayers seem more reverent and I pay more attention after doing this first form.  My mind is calmer afterwards.

I find it interesting that the very first thing that is practiced is humility.  Pride, even in small doses, appears to make it much harder to pray and come lose to God.  Such a small way, it only takes 5 min.  Yet it is quite powerful.

Anyone can find these ways online. But the book I'm using is helpful.  Here is the link.  

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